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Boo Boo Bear & Fun Ball

by Ralph Dewey

The Balloon HQ challenge this month is a character or animal from latex gloves.

I've got two ideas for you this time, a Boo Boo Bear from a latex glove and a fun ball made from three #260 balloons.

Boo Boo Bear

The Boo Boo Bear was shown to me by Colleen Fouts from Greenwood, Indiana.  All it takes is a latex examination glove and a marker.  Inflate the glove to about 7 inches in diameter and tie off the opening.  Twist off a 3" bubble at the location as shown.  Pull the knot down to the twist and rotate it a few times. 

Image Image Image

Squeeze the air out of the thumb.  Pull the thumb down to the knot and tie them together.  The knot goes to the rear of the Boo Boo Bear.

Image Image

Squeeze the body of the bear in order for the arms and legs to be in the proper position if necessary.  Mark the face and bandage as shown.


#260 Fun Ball I've seen this idea around for awhile, but I don't know who came up with it.  The other day a clown named Paw Paw from Pasadena, TX told me how he makes it so I'm sharing it with you.  I'm using three different colored #260 balloons to make it easier to keep track of the steps.  First inflate a red #260 fully except for a 1/4" and tie the ends together.  Find the center and twist it into a figure "8". 


Inflate a blue #260 in the same way and also make it into a figure "8".  Push the red balloon half-way through the blue balloon as shown.


The third balloon is a yellow #260.  Inflate it fully except for a 1/4", burp it and tie the ends together.  Find the middle of the loop and  twist it there so that you have two long bubbles.  Poke one end of the yellow balloon through the red balloon.  Continue by poking it also through the bottom of the red balloon.  Tie the ends of the yellow balloon together.

Image Image

Shift and position the knots of all three balloons so that all of their knots are inside and therefore out of view.


Tip:  You can make a tiny ear twist on the knotted end of the yellow balloon so that all you have to do is loop it through the other end of the balloon.  That way you don't have to tie them together.  It is an action sort of like putting a button through a button hole.
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