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If You Want to Get Ahead; Get a Hat!

by Ian Lowe

Wear a hat; people will remember you.

That's a good reason to have one. Another is, it adds to your character. Look at Arizona Rick, or Antonio Becares Rodriguez. Can you imagine them without their hats?

Some people will twist a hat from balloons, but I prefer a real one. Find one that makes you stand out, and be remembered. Choose an unusual colour for a hat. Or, an odd shape. An old, battered hat, has character.

Choosing a hat takes time. You'll probably have several before finding the right one. Mine is orange and packable, so I can crush it and have it return to its original shape. This allows me to abuse it. Wipe my brow with it; hit kids with it; throw it on the ground when a balloon bursts, and jump up and down on it in a temper. I can hide a balloon in it when one bursts, and pretend it never happened.

You might look at juggling hats. If you can learn a few moves, so much the better. My character is always spinning things through his fingers - Linking Rings, rubber balls, coins - in my magic act. So, when putting my hat on, I spin it through my fingers. I can throw it so it runs up the inside of my arm, rolls across my chest, and down the other arm. I have a very short routine that I can use any time I want to remove my hat.

You might keep your 6" hearts in a bag in the hat. Everytime you use one, you remove your hat with a juggling move, select a heart, and return your hat with another flourish.

What else can you do with a hat? Look at Clown books. Most clowns wear a hat, and you can pick up ideas from them.

You can put the hat on a kid.

Give a kid a balloon model, then hold out your hat for a tip.

When you're finished twisting, use the hat as a pillow.

If you're moving around: Walk forward, stop, lift your hat, keeping the hat still, turn yourself through 180 degrees, lower the hat onto your head, walk in the opposite direction to which you had been going.

Move to put the hat on your head but, instead, drop it down your back, catch it in your other hand, then bring it around to the front and put it on your head.

If you're asked for a car, use your hat as a steering wheel, and make engine sounds.

Play with your hat and you'll find other uses for it.

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