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Have a Heart Dog

Patricia Bunnell

Thanks to Suzanne Lively for giving a really cute name to these critters. I have included a dog and a panda in this months article and as you will see, it becomes a little more complicated that the ones in the past. I hope you can figure the panda out as it is just SO cute. If not, make up your own body as I'm sure it will be adorable too!

image image image

1. Cut the tip off from a black 160. Tie a knot in the cut end of the long part of the balloon.

2. Inflate the tip about the size of a large olive, tie off and stuff into a white 5" heart. This will become its nose.

3. Partially inflate the heart and only pull the knot 1/2 way through so you can unpick it in a minute.

image image image

4. Grab the knot of the "nose" and twist it.

5. Wrap a scrap of a 160 around it and tie it tight. Carefully untie the knot and deflate the heart balloon. Turn the balloon wrong side out.

6. Inflate the remaining black 160 leaving about a 6" tip.  Form an ear by making an 8" loop. Follow with a pinch twist.

image image image

7. Make about a 2" bubble and make the other ear by making a pinch twist and a loop. Discard the remaining balloon.  8. Drop a "raisin" in the heart and inflate it to a very soft heart. Grab the raisin and twist it. 9. Place the ears on the back of the heart and take the nozzle of the heart and bring it down over the raisin and twist it. Making sure to encapsulate the ears.  

image image image

This is what your dog should look like.

Give him a body and some artwork.

Side view.

Panda Bear

image image image

1. Use the same process as the dog to make her head and nose.

2. Inflate a black 160 leaving about a 6: tip. Make two 6" bubbles, lock twist them and roll the knot.

3. Make a pinch twist.

image image image

4. Make two loops out of the 2 bubbles.

5. Center the loops on the back of the head.

6. Squeeze air to the nozzle end of the heart balloon.

image image image

7. Bring the nozzle of the heart down and wrap it around the pinch twist.

8. This is the front view.

9. Inflate a 5" round to about 4 inches. Set aside.

image image image

10. Inflate a black 260 leaving about a 4" tip. Twist in at the pinch twist.

11. Twist the white 5" round at the base of the head.

12. Make a 1" bubble.

image image image

13. Make a pinch twist.

14. To form the legs make a 6" bubble and two small loops for her feet, followed by two 7" bubbles and finish with another 6 inch bubble. Twist the loops in between the 6 and 7 inch bubble on the opposite side. 

15. Pinch off a small bubble for her tail on the 5" round. Twist the tail between the two 7" bubbles. This forms the back legs. Wedge the 5" round between the back legs. Also wedge the body between the front legs a little at the shoulders.

image image

Front view. Add artwork and you have  ing L ng!
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