Stacey Schmude


  I am so unbelievably sorry about not having an article last month!  But Stacey’s well of ideas had gone dry… (Please pardon the third person) but she’s back with a vengance, and a whole new series!  I love to write, and write anything.  So we’ve come up with the idea of writing children’s stories (good for library programs, birthday parties, all sorts of things) with balloons.  Each month, I will pop in (pardon the pun) with a new story.  And each story will have a moral.  So I’ll start right away.  This month’s story is called Billy and the Clouds.

You Will Need:
One Blue Weiner dog.
One Red Mouse.
One Purple Snake
One Green Giraffe.
The animals and colors (except for the blue weiner dog) can all be changed, but it’ll make them easier since these are the animals I’ll be using in the story. WARNING: If you change the animal and animal color, you will have to change that part of the story! If anyone doesn’t know the weiner dog-giraffe trick, to make a weiner dog a giraffe, you turn the head backwards, and you turn the hind legs backwards, and you have a giraffe. That trick is the main theme of this story.

Billy and the Clouds

 Once there was a blue dog named Billy.  Now Billy was a weiner dog.  That meant that he was very long.  He loved to play marbles, and he loved going into restaurants, and boy oh boy, he loved to chase people on bicycles through the park!  But the one thing Billy always wanted to do, though, was to be like the giraffes and chase the clouds in the sky.  So he started asking his friends how he could be like the giraffes.
 First he asked Sandy, the red mouse.  He said: “Sandy, how can I be like the giraffes and chase the clouds in the sky?”
 Sandy replied: “I’m not sure, Billy.  I’m just a mouse.  I crawl through the holes.  Maybe you should go ask Joseph, the purple snake?”
 That’s just what Billy did.  He ran to the field and he talked to Joseph, the purple snake.  He said: “Joseph, how can I be like the giraffes and chase the clouds in the sky?”
 Joseph replied: “I don’t know Billy.  Maybe you should go ask Amanda, the green giraffe?  She should know.”
 So, with a sigh, Billy ran back into town and he talked to Amanda, the green giraffe.  He said: “Amanda, how can I be like you, and chase the clouds in the sky?”
 And Amanda said: “Why Billy, that’s easy!  All you do is…”
 So Amanda leaned over and whispered to Billy, who said: “Oh!  I see!”
 With a twist, and a turn, Billy the blue dog became Billy the blue giraffe!  He was so happy!  He chased the clouds all day.  Later, Sandy ran up to him.  She said: “Billy!  Why don’t you play a game of marbles with me?”  Billy tried, but his neck was so long, he couldn’t see the marbles!  So he said sorry to Sandy, and Sandy walked away.
 Later, Joseph slithered up to him and said “Billy!  Why don’t you come to the restaurant with me?”  And Billy tried, but his neck was so long, he couldn’t fit in the door!  So he said sorry to Joseph, and Joseph slithered away.  At this time, Billy was pretty upset.  He couldn’t play marbles, and he couldn’t go to restaurants.  There was still one thing he liked to do, and he was sure he could do it!
 And so, Billy tried to chase a person on a bicycle through the park.  But he had to keep ducking his head under the trees.  This was no fun, no fun at all, he decided.  So with a twist, and a turn, Billy the blue giraffe became Billy the blue dog again.  And he happily chased that person on the bicycle through the park.
 So, kids, I hope you learned a lesson, just like Billy did.  You should be happy for who you are!
 The End.

At the end of the story, you can give out the balloon animals.