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The Dance Floor "Crown"

Steven Jones, Aeration Decorations

A few weeks back, I posted a photo on Balloon HQ that received a lot of private e-mails (as well as few phone calls) on requesting how the effect was created. It really is a LOT simpler than many of you gave me credit for (but I really appreciate the fond comments), and I promised I would share the idea this month.

The design, which we called the "Dance Floor Crown", takes the formal look of the dance floor "criss-cross arch" and adds a little bit of a spin to create a more distinctive look. As shown below, the photo in question is BHQ # 24718.

Dance Floor Crown

Sketch 1 Sketch 2

Sketches #1 and #2 show the basic, every day criss-cross arch that we're all familiar with. The columns are labeled A, B, C and D for easier reference. When making the arches in the opening steps of the Crown effect, be sure to make them reach a little higher than you normally would. Please note that Sketch #2 shows a side view of the arches and will not necessarily reflect the true path of lines as they are described.

Sketch 3

Sketch #3 shows where the Crown effect begins to take place. Take a piece of monofilament line and connect Column A to Column C, much like you did with the original SOP arch that connects them. The difference here is that the mono line should be drawn up OVER the SOP arch at the center of the arch. Repeat the process connecting Column B to Column D, being sure that the mono line rests on top of the line connecting the SOP arch.

Sketch 4

Now, take the line connecting Columns A and C and draw it in tighter. This will start to bring the arches downward slightly in the center. Repeat the process with Columns B and D. Be sure to keep the lines even in height and length so your crown will be evenly "dipped." Check each of the four sides before proceeding to make sure even all the way around.

Once you have got the tug lines in the position you want them to be, you can tie the connection point of your new lines into the neck of the central balloon. This will help keep everything in place in the event your crowd gets a little rowdy.

Sketch 5

Now, if you want to "cap" the Crown, you can add an accent piece such as a 36" heart foil. This particular design came about because of one of those "uncontrollable elements"; the event venue had an air vent blowing directly onto the center of the Crown, causing the heart to spin constantly.

The first thing you.ll need to do is pop out the center balloon. If you haven't already tied the connection points together, you'll need to now. Then helium-fill the 36" heart, tie a section of mono line to it and add a couple of helium filled 11" clusters directly below it on the line. Anchor the heart line to your central connection point. Be sure to place the 11" clusters in a position where the balloons in the arches brush against them, preventing them from moving or spinning.

Then, take several clusters of air-filled 5" to fill the negative space between the 11" clusters and the line by packing them on the anchored mono line below the heart. The 5" balloons were matched by color with the balloons in the arch to help create the "blended" look so there wasn't a big "plug" in the middle of the arching from a distance. To finish it off, we used some curled ribbon hanging down so the guests below wouldn't be looking at the end of an unfinished garland pack.

Afterward, I considered the idea of replacing the central balloon of the arches with a matching Link-O-Loon balloon. That way, the heart could be connected at the extension piece of the Link balloon. I decided against this, however, for obvious reasons. If your Link-O-Loon pops, the heart might end up floating on the ceiling and it can completely disrupt your formal look.

Well, I think this is the shortest column I've ever written! Ha! Ha! Maybe I could get used to this..

Good luck! I hope you can use this idea to up sell a few more weddings and formal events!

Until next time....

Steve Jones, Aeration Decorations
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