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Tonya McNeill

Supplies needed: 1-undipped 321 any color and 2-160s (I used a white 321 and black 160s).

Steps 1 and 2: Propeller

Inflate the first 160 leaving about 4 inch tail. Stretch and soften the balloon. Make 2-12 inch bubbles and a 1 inch pinch twist. Turn the bubbles into loop twists. Keep the remaining balloon attached.

Steps 3 thru 6: Helicopter body

Inflate the 321 until just before you get to the skinny part (pic 3). Make a 1 inch pinch twist on the nozzle end, then give the balloon a good squeeze to soften it for the next step.

Make a snug loop twist around your propeller stem. Leave about 1 inch of the propeller stem sticking out the top. Make a second, slightly smaller pinch twist and position them as in picture #6.

Steps 7 and 8: Base for runners

Make a twist in the propeller stem under the body (where the yellow arrow is pointing) to start a ring of bubbles in the following order: 2 inch bubble, 1/2 inch pinch twist, 1-1/2 inch bubble, 1/2 inch pinch twist, and 2 inch bubble. Connect back to the twist and tie off. Remove the remaining balloon. Gently push the runner base into the body of the helicopter to help hold it in place.

Step 9 thru 11: rear tail propeller

Inflate the second 160 leaving a 4 inch tail. Stretch and soften the balloon. Make a 1 inch pinch twist and 2-2 1/2 inch bubbles and turn them into loop twists. Break off remaining balloon, but save for the runners. Push the air into the tail of the helicopter body and make a 1 inch bubble in the end. Connect the tail propeller to that bubble.

Steps 12 and 13: The runners

With the remaining balloon from step 9, make a 3 inch bubble and give it a gentle bend to make the front of the runner. Connect it to one of the pinch twists in the runner base. Make another 3 inch bubble and tie off. Break off remaining and repeat with the other side.

And here is your finished helicopter. Add artwork if you wish to create a little more detail.

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