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The site as a whole is copyright © Balloon HQ, LLC. All material found within the Balloon HQ web site contains an implicit copyright from the original creator unless that party has explicitly stated that his/her contribution is in the public domain. In the case of materials found within the archives of the Balloon HQ mailing lists, the term original creator refers to the author of that message. In all other instances, unless stated otherwise, original creator refers to Balloon HQ, LLC.

All material included here may be viewed and/or copied for personal use, but may not be reproduced for distribution without the consent of the author and/or site maintainers.

Note to BHQ content contributors

All material (artwork or text) submitted remains the intellectual property of the contributor. By submitting material you grant permission to Balloon HQ, LLC to use the submission, with credit being given to the owner. Uses of the material may include posting on the web, emailed, included in a CD-ROM (or other medium) compilation, or included in any publication that Balloon HQ creates or partners with in the future. In the event that a contribution is used by BHQ, or a partner of BHQ, credit will be given to the artist. Material for which you are not capable of granting these priveleges may not be submitted. Things that cannot be submitted include, but are not limited to, art that includes copyrighted material and material produced by other artists/authors/content creators for which you have not obtained written permission for reproduction by BHQ.

Management of ™

The Balloon ™ web site and associated mailing lists are owned and managed by Balloon HQ, LLC. BalloonHQ, and BHQ are all Trademarks of Balloon HQ, LLC. Administrators are Mark Balzer, Sheena Beaverson, Larry Moss, Debbie Piotrowski, and John Barthelmes. Balloon HQ, LLC is owned by Mark Balzer, Sheena Beaverson, and Larry Moss.

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