Subject: Re: Thanksgiving Centerpieces Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 16:45:41 From: "tena santaularia"

Hi Theresa - your idea of a lomi based centerpiece sounds great! Another simple alternative, using the same concept would be to use a fluffy masterbow angled to one side at the base, using the Pioneer Fall Autumn gold ribbon, and on the other side one or two 9" fall leaf shape foils. Tuck in a pinecone or two and maybe a twig angled the direction of the leaves. To create a nice mood at the Thanksgiving table, add a pretty votive candle at the top and drape a little matching ribbon down and around the lomi pole to lead your eye back to the base. If you don't have the bow machine, of course the ribbon makes a pretty hand tied bow. If you want to see the bow machine in action, come on down to Kansas City Nov. 16 and 17th to the KC midwest Balloon Artists Balloon Retreat ! We will have the bow machine up and running for everyone to "play with"!  (for more info on that, email me privately.) Tena Santaularia, CBA, Pioneer Balloon Company, Midwest Field Service

>Subject: Thanksgiving Centerpieces
>Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 20:53:37 EST
>I have customer that wants some thanksgiving centerpieces that can be
>resuable next year. Any ideas?
>On the cheap side, which is how they want to go...I was thinking about a
>topiary, but the lomey supplies will cost me. Maybe an airfilled 18" mylar
>slanted, or 14" cornacopia shaped mylar, with mylar leave printed tuffs,
>raffa ribbon, maybe some pipecleaners of orange, brown and gold tucked into
>styro- & twisted to stand up. Hmmmm. Sounds as though I've almost answered
>my own question. (chuckle).
>Any ideas would be great. :)
>Theresa Perkins
>Greetings Unlimited-Balloons
>Tampa, Fl

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