Subject: Customer Service Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 09:43:26 +0000 From: "cheryl lavender"

Hi All From Sydney Australia,

First I must let you all know that this is the best site for ideas and new techniques.

I just saw a great program on Corporate Culture and it was talking about customer service being under rated by industry. I like to pride myself on the level of service that we provide our customers. But after seeing this doco maybe it goes beyond that, by that I mean, I have worked for some companies that promote themselves as customer friendly and great service, the usual hype but behind the scences the bosses are bitching and saying the most awful things about their customers and then expecting the frontline staff to go out and face those said customers with a smile and provide great service......I don't think so.

So as a late New Years resolution I am going to endeavour to think nice things about those difficult customers and not bitch about them when they upset me when they change their mind on colours 2 hours before the event (You know the ones) and hopefully this will rub off onto others around me. Plus they know when you are not happy with them even if you are smiling and being nice to their face, so happy thoughts do transmit just like unhappy ones.

Have a great day all

Cheryl Lavender CBA

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