Subject: Re: Does any one Do Balloon Wraps? Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 18:43:29 -0800 From: "kathy scott"

Dear Dave: 

Piece of cake... take a long needle, one with a large enough eye to accommodate some fishing line... like an upholstery needle

Thread about a 2 of 3 foot piece of clear looking fishing line through the eye.  hole the plush at the point where the line will be attached.. sometimes it's slightly back of the where the ears are on the plush, or sometimes in front.  poke the needle through, tie  off a couple of knots, trim excess line.  When you put the plush in the balloon, pull the fishing line up out through the neck of the balloons.  I take a piece of tape and tape down the line on the lid of the classy wrap, just to hold it so it doesn't fall back into balloon.

After removing the balloon from machine, you can 'pull up' on the line, if needed to put tension on the line so it will hole the plush upright, Voila!

Any more help, just ask...


Kathy Scott

Balloonafull Balloons

From: "Dave Endicott"
To: "kathy scott"
Subject: Re: Does any one Do Balloon Wraps?
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 21:27:21 -0500
Hi Kathy,
I too have recently purchased a used Classy Wrap. Most of my bunnies for Easter were purchased at Walmart.
I have a problem though, the animals keep falling over. I probably would have sold more at Easter, if it hadn't
looked like the bunnies had been drinking all night. How do you manage to keep your stuffings upright?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Kim McMaster
Lilibet's Treasures
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Subject: Re: Does any one Do Balloon Wraps?
Dear Sharon~
get on online and search for 'balloon stuffing', or something similar. I bought a used Classy Wrap, and love it! I often buy plush during the holidays at Walmart... hard to beat their prices. There are too many suppliers to list that have plush for sale.. look it up on the net. contact them and ask for a hard copy catologue.
Hope this helps.
Kathy Scott
Balloonafull Balloons
Proud, paid member of BHQ - my balloonafull friends...I would not be doing what i do, as well as I do it, without the help and feedback of BHQ!
Subject: Does any one Do Balloon Wraps?
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 21:57:12 -0600
I sorry to have to ask for some help! I would like to Stuff Balloons with
Plush Toy!
Is there a any where I can learn about
Stuffing Balloons? Does any one have some good suppler for Items that can
be put in the Balloons?
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