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From: "Brenda Mitchener" <>
Subject: Re: Tragedy
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 10:47:04 -0500

Hi Deliza!

After being to the Oklahoma City bombing site, I can only have
a glimpse of what people are going through where you live and
in D.C.  I'm glad you are ok!  For all Christians around the
world, God is giving us a wake-up call to share our faith with
others so that when we do leave this world we will spend ETERNITY
in heaven!!  Just the night before this tragedy I took teens to a 
presentation called "Heavens Gates, Hells Flames" and over 350
people got saved!  One of the situations acted out was a plane
crash.  If this ministry ever comes to your city (they are
traveling with mnay groups all over the world), please go and
take your friends and loved ones!!

Brenda Mitchener, CBA
Balloon Decor of Wichita (KS)

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