The Balloon Council
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 06:36:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jack Porcello <>
Subject: This Tragedy

Dear list participants,

The entire world has been affected in some way by these tragic events.
Many of us have either lost loved ones, or perhaps have had very close
calls.  In some way or another, each of our lives have been changed.

Much gratitude goes out to those in the global community who have shown
support during this trying time.  Our hearts are truly bound together,
and our strength of community reflects this.

As the object of terroism is to inflict terror and disrupt the lives of
those who are its victims, our best defense is to continue on with our
lives.  Those who are entrusted with the responsibility to bring justice
upon the criminals involved are preparing to do just that.  What we need
to do is to show that our lives will not be disrupted.  We must go on.

A certain latitude has been extended on the e-mail lists due to the unique
nature of these horrible atrocities.  The staff at BalloonHQ would now
request that we try to get back on track again.  This is how we will
answer those who would try to make us victims.  We will not succumb!

Please feel free to share with us how you used your crafts and talents
during this time to aid and assist the global effort.  My hat's off to
those who have done so.  

Let's show the strength of character and commitment to that which is
honorable that the wonderful international community of BalloonHQ posesses
in our good deeds and inability to be manipulated by these traitors to

Very best regards,

Jack Porcello

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