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Subject: Re: Sympathy
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:43:11 -0600

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<P>we did not loose anything buildings are mere pieces of property what we have lost is our smug false sense of security. the whole problem is not that people were able to "sneak" weapons on board a public form of transport. but more of the problem lies that people on board were denied their civil rights to bear arms. Imagin if a substantial amount of the passengers on the vehicles in question were allowed to carry ( and also be educated enough to use properly >) weapons of their own choosing and or design and manufacturing , that is what america is about . <BR><BR></P></DIV>
<DIV></DIV>>Subject: Re: Sympathy 
<DIV></DIV>>Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 08:56:20 +1000 
<DIV></DIV>>I personally think that a lot has been said we have experienced through TV 
<DIV></DIV>>coverage the this tragedy. please remember we has all lost something or 
<DIV></DIV>>someone even maybe fellow ballooney. 
<DIV></DIV>>Might I also add my personal sympathy to this enormous tragedy,words truly 
<DIV></DIV>>fail me in this matter. 
<DIV></DIV>>I stand with heavy heart to all those who have lost people, friends, 
<DIV></DIV>>relations, love ones, work mates and so on. 
<DIV></DIV>> May God in his wisdom give you the comfort and strength that you will need 
<DIV></DIV>>to continue your lives. 
<DIV></DIV>>Pert J.Nikolas The Party People Syd Aust 
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<DIV></DIV>>Subject: Sympathy 
<DIV></DIV>>It's heartbreaking all that has happened. Our 
<DIV></DIV>>sympathies to all who have suffered, physically, 
<DIV></DIV>>mentally, emotionally. Me and my family pray for the 
<DIV></DIV>>well being of all our fellow twisters and their 
<DIV></DIV>>families. We here in India and specially in Goa send 
<DIV></DIV>>our prayers and support at this time of misery & 
<DIV></DIV>>sadness. God Bless. 
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