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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 15:45:59 -0400
Subject: Red, White & Blue
From: Mike & Amie Combs <>

We made 9" bows with our Masterbow maker using red, white and blue and/or 
the Patriotic Flag poly which we then tied around our store front doors, 
as we have such a large awning it is hard to hang a flag.  This has 
worked out so nicely that our neighbors in our strip center have also 
ordered them for their front doors.  Not only will these hold up 
extremely well they are weather resistant!!  I also just placed an order 
for more of the Patriotic Flag ribbon because the response has been 

My husband and I have also decided to take 100% of the proceeds of these 
bows (as we all know the profit margin on them!!) and donate it to the 
World Trade center Victims fund.  If any one else is interested in doing 
something like this I have two addresses for two different funds that are 
for the World Trade Center Tragedy.  Or if anyone has one for Washington 
D.C please contact us.  

Amie & Mike Combs
Happy Daze Creations   

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