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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 18:23:35 -0500
From: "John Perry, CBA and Johnna Perry" <>
Subject: Re: Crab feast in a Hotel Ballroom

Have you checked BHQ yet for instructions?  I've used crab and lobster
instructions in the past and they worked really well.  Another resource would be
Balloon Magic--The Magazine.  There's a searchable index at and
you could find which issues the directions are in.

One more suggestion--find a twister in your area to sub-contract the work to.
That happens quite a bit in our local QBN chapter and works great for everyone!

Hope some of this helps--what a fun theme!

Johnna Perry
Up, Up & Away!
Liberty, MO

Priscilla wrote:

> Hi Everyone!
> Back to balloon business.
> A client is about to have a crab feast (messy, messy event) in a hotel and
> is looking to do centerpieces in red and white.  They like the idea of small
> buckets with sea shell, no fish foils, and latex balloons.   The budget is
> high ended and not a problem.
> This is when I wish I was a twister!  I don't know how to make a crab!  Help
> Steve N. who left Baltimore,are you out there?  Anyway, does anyone have any
> suggestions to improve upon this idea.  Of course everything is last minuet.
> I'm also looking for a source for white plastic buckets, not metal,
> measuring approximately 5-7"h x 41/2-51/2"w at the rim. Flowers used to
> carry them and now they only have metal pails.  O.Trading does't have them.
> I appreciate any help or resource you can send.
> Priscilla
> Magical & Memorable Balloons(R), Inc.
> Laurel, Maryland

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