The Balloon Council
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 22:51:02 -0400
Subject: Friday, day to remember
From: Deliza Nieves <>

Hi all, Tomorrow I will be making 2 red, white and blue columns with a 
red, white and blue arch attaching both in front of my home.  I will put 
yellow ribbons on the neighborhood trees and give red, white and blue 
bouquets to anyone that wants them.......  this is my way of coping with 
the sorrow I feel deep inside my heart.  We will also have a candle light 
vigual at 7:30pm along with many others around the World.  I will pray for 
all the families of those missing and gone.  I will also prey for all 
those hero's who are helping out.

May God bless America.......

Deliza Nieves
Not Just Balloons (NY) My home sweet home

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