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Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 11:50:46 EDT
Subject: Thank you & Balloon Release
To: <>

Dear Fellow Balloonies,

Although I haven't posted on the board recently, I have been following most of the messages.  

Being located about 45 minutes from the disaster area in NYC I would like to personally thank all of you that have shown your support, love and good ol' American spirit.  The outpour of emotion that has been shown by not only Americans but those around the world has been truely comforting.  While my family and I are safe there are friends and aquaintences, people from my small town, that are still listed as missing and we appreciate the prayers.

Tuesday morning I took my children to school, left them on line then went inside where I've been assisting with a special needs child in the mornings, while my husband left for business he had to take care of in Manhatten.

I thank God that while my husband needed to get an early start that day he allowed us to get ready before him which forced him to leave at 8:30.  I also thank God that I was unaware of the situation until he showed up at the school to assure me that he was OK.  When he saw the first tower he was uncertain of what happened but turned around and came back home.

I believe that a balloon release next Friday would be a wonderful way to show support to the victims and their families.  I suggest that everyone releasing a balloon attach a message showing their love for this country and fellow Americans so that wherever the balloon lands it may some comfort to someone who needs it.

While I haven't yet contacted our Chamber, anyone in the NJ area that has already started planning a release please contact me.

Once again I thank you.


Cindy Drako
Hollywood Celebrations
(formerly D&D Gift Baskets & Balloons)
South River, NJ

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