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From: "PAMELA  & LUIS RAMOS" <wildaboutballoons@alaska.com>
To: "Balloon Deco List" <balloondeco@balloonhq.com>
Subject: Pillars with Lights
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 15:20:50 -0800

Hey out there.  Does any one rent out the tall plastic pillars that you can
put light in?  My question is:  We need to know what kind of light bulbs you
get the best results with.  We have the 25 watt Colortone Light Bulbs made
by Phillips but they only light up about 1 foot of the pillar at the bottom.
Our pillars are 6 feet tall and we want to illuminate more of the pillar
than just the bottom one foot.  Any advice will be appreciated.  Thanks for
your help.

Wild About Balloons
Pamela & Luis Ramos
505 E. Northern Lights
Anchorage, AK  99503
907-563-8829 fax line
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