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Subject: Re: power source for a precision air machine
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 10:52:39 -0400
From: Larry Moss <moss(at)>

On Apr 26,  2012, at 10:21AM, Judy Volkman wrote:

> I love the air machine, but when doing several jobs outside there is
> no source of power.  Is there a good way to use some type of adaptor
> or generator as a power source?

Probably. It depends on the draw needed by the PA. I have not tested this myself 
or looked up the specs on the machine, so before spending money on this, check 
with Conwin. (This is an invitation for Steven or someone else at Conwin to jump 
in here.) 

There are two solutions that come to mind immediately that don't require a 
generator. I've used both in different situations (but not specifically with a 
PA). First, if you can park where you're working, your car should be able to 
provide the needed power. Get a power inverter to convert 12V DC car (cigarette 
lighter) power to 110V AC. then you can plug the PA into the inverter. You need 
to know what the draw is on the PA and what your car outlets can provide so you 
don't blow a fuse. Here's an article on power inverters that might help you get 
started (or confuse you more):
I don't travel anywhere without an inverter. You never know when you're going to 
need to power something. I also travel with a powerpack/jump starter in my car. 
It's basically an extra car battery in a portable unit. It has power outlets on 
it and is designed for power when you're away from an outlet and even jump 
starting your car. So if you can't park near where you're working, you can take 
this power pack with you and run your equipment for a while. You can then 
recharge it directly from your car on the way home from the gig, or when you get 
home. It's one of those handy things to have anyway. I think this is the one I 

If no one has a better answer, I'll find my kill-o-watt meter and see what the 
PA draws to try to direct you a little bit. I'm guessing that either of the 
above solutions will work. I've used both to get me through outdoor performances 
with all of my sound equipment plugged in. I've never needed to use a PA 

Larry Moss,
1115 E Main St, Suite 234, Box 72, Rochester, NY 14609
Phone: (585) 359-8695; Twitter: @airigami

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