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Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 23:48:49 EST
Subject: Re: fantasy flower 

The latest issue of Balloons and Parties Today has step by step instructions 
in it !!  Go to  
<A HREF="">Balloons and 
Parties Magazine
</A>  and get the issue ,,,and then subscribe...... It is a great magazine 
........ Others to try are  Images from Pioneer Balloon Co... 
om/">Pioneer Balloon - QBN Resource Center
</A>  and  <A HREF="">Weddings with Style - 
Home Page
</A>   another really good source for info  is Balloons and Fun Times...i am 
sorry....But somehow I have lost the link ..I know that the publisher, Maxine 
, is on this she will hopefully refresh my memory and send it out 
again !!!  

Good Luck !!
Joyce Stephens 
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