US Balloon - balloon supplies for professional balloon artists
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 05:45:56 -0500
From: Larry Moss <>
Subject: Monthly Posting: Rules for Posting

           Rules for posting to the balloon list - as of 2 Dec 1999
   This document is sent to all subscribers of the balloon mailing lists
   (,,, upon
   subscribing. Since only subscribers (and select others that have made
   special arrangements) are able to post to these lists, it is not
   possible to post without first receiving this document. By posting to
   any of these lists, you are indicating that you have read and agree
   with these terms.
    1. Postings are to contain only information related to balloons and
       the balloon industry. Specifically, they should be sent to the
       appropriate balloon list. is for balloon
       entertainers. is for balloon decorators.
       To discourage spams, posters of non-balloon related commercial
       postings will be assessed a charge of $5 per recipient of the
       message, in addition to being removed from the list.
    2. Posting of anything in violation of any existing copyright is
       prohibited. The list maintainer will not be responsible for any
       content contained in a posting. The poster of an article will take
       all legal and financial responsibility for information they
       distribute. Therefore, it is suggested that the poster of an
       article for which he/she is not the author, obtain permission from
       the author or copyright holder prior to posting.
    3. Only human-readable text is permissable in a posting. That means
       no graphics, sound, or executable content are to be distributed
       through the use of these mailing lists. Other means exist for
       sharing material of that sort. Contact the list maintainer with
       questions regarding this.
    4. By posting an article, you grant permission to make that article
       available in an archive with all other postings for later
       retrieval. That article may be reproduced in its entirety in any
       electronic copies of that archive (i.e. CD-ROM compilations). You
       grant the editors of Balloon HQ the right to use your article or
       pieces of your article in other areas of Balloon HQ for
       educational purposes. In exchange for the use of your article, you
       will be listed as a contributor to Balloon HQ. In addition, you
       are granting others the right to use the information, though not
       necessarily the words, contained in that article. The article may
       be quoted in some contexts, subject to ``fair use,'' as defined by
       the U.S. copyright office.
    5. Don't post advertisements for products that you sell. It is
       acceptable to include one line in your .sig file indicating that
       you are a vendor. It's OK to respond to a request for information
       about your products, but if they are available from other sources
       you should list these as well. (You will not lose business doing
       this if your prices are the same - people on the net prefer to buy
       from other people on the net.) If you have a balloon-related
       product that is genuinely new and unique, then it is OK and even
       encouraged to post a single announcement. If you are unsure if
       something is appropriate to post, ask me (
    6. Anyone may join Balloon HQ, however these mailing lists serve as
       an open forum for the balloon industry. Therefore you may not
       discuss prices charged to clients of your balloon business. You
       may openly discuss pricing strategies and costs of doing business
       in different areas, however the actual amounts you charge your
       customers is a personal thing. By suggesting to others what they
       should be charging, you may be engaging in price fixing according
       to US law.
Violation of rules

   Depending on the severity of a violation, offenders may be removed
   from the list immediately, or sent one warning. In some cases, removal
   from the list is permanent. At the list maintainers discretion, you
   may have your posting priveleges revoked for a 4 day cooling off
   period, rather than being removed completely from the lsit.
   Any expenses incurred as a result of any of these violations will
   become the responsibility of the offender, not the list maintainer or
   the service provider used by the list maintainer.
Disagreement with rules

   If you disagree with any of these rules you may contact me
   ( directly to discuss the issue. Alternatively,
   you're free to simply not post.