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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 09:27:19 -0800
From: Jeanne & Dave Cockcroft <>
Subject: Weights

>Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 18:59:47 -0800
>To: Balloon Headquarters
>From: Jeanne & Dave Cockcroft <>
>Subject: Weights
>Dear Friends, 
>   I have been listening to the different discussions about weights for a
long time and now I want to share what we do. 
>We make sand weights with 16" latex then covered with mylar paper and tied
with a piece of curly ribbon.  We have never had a problem with breakage
when they are covered with the mylar paper.  We pre-stretch the balloons so
that we can get more sand in them.  This might help them be more pliable so
that they don't bust as easily. I wouldn't use them anywhere near a dance
floor though now that I have heard what happened to some of you. 
>We used to make our weights using plaster and pour it inside of a
styrofoam cup.  When Dave started working with me, he came up with better
ideas.  He uses quick drying cement and pours it into a nice shaped mold.
We buy plant liners from our floral supply store in different sizes.  He
also uses small margarine containers.  He makes a hook from bailing wire.
He twists the top into a circle (you need to use pliers to do this), then
twist it down about 3 inches or so and then make a T at the bottom.  You
then insert the wire into the wet cement to almost the bottom and then
twist it a little so it won't come out.  Make a bunch of these ahead of
time, before you mix your cement.  After the weights are dry - won't take
long, maybe a couple of hours - take them out of the mold.  Then make a
square of mylar paper and pull it up around the weight and tie it just
under the loop at the top.  This is crucile.  You want that hook to be free
so you can tie your balloons onto it.  There are alot of things you can do
to dress it up even more, but this is the basic.  These weights have no
apperance of a soup can or a cup, but look like they are custom made, which
they are.  They are heavier than plaster and sand.  We make them in all
sizes and use them for arches, columns, etc.  We use large plant saucers
for these.  We glue a piece of rubber matting to the bottom of the weight
and then cover it.  Felt also works.  If the weight is dropped and breaks,
the rubber helps hold it together.  We have glued them back together with
hot glue and the rubber helps.  Go to housewares and look for mess rubber
used to line cupboards.  The paper makes them very attractive and you can
reuse them, just cover with new paper. 
>Check our web site below and you might see them in use.  I will try and
get the pictures we did of The Tonight Show New Year's Eve party up soon
and you can see them at the bottom of the tunnel arch.  
>Jeanne & Dave Cockcroft
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