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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 13:33:39 EST
Subject: Sand bag weights

Thought maybe some would be interested in an answer we sent about weights.  
We call them tie downs.  Here's what we sent:

We have used rock salt or water softener salt for years in our tie down 
weights.  If they break open, salt vacumns up without a lot of hassle.  Even 
if it gets wet, once it dries, it is easy to get up.  It normally will not 
harm a wooden dance floor surface.  Sand almost never comes out of carpet, 
and will grind the finish off a floor. 

The only caveat to salt:  DO NOT use it on lawns ! ! ! ! ! ! !   If broken, 
it will burn a patch into the grass.  

50# of course salt at Home Depot or such stores should run about $3-3.50.  We 
get at least 30 nice big tie downs out of a bag.  We usre a 24x24" square of 
mylar or cellophane as the container.  Pull the corners up and tie ribbon 
just above the salt.  These have served us well for about 10 years.

Good luck,
Wynn and Lindy Bell, CBA's
The Final Touch
Portland, Or
503 579 9499