The Balloon Council
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 14:44:16 EST
Subject: Bridal Show vendors

Some further thoughts about bridal shows.  

We have been, as many of you have, using bridal shows as one of our main 
advertising efforts from year to year.  We put a lot of time and effort into 
having the most inviting booth at the show.  If we are also providing the 
decor for the show itself, there is a rather large expenditure of time and 
money.  And yes, the cost of the booth is usually substantial.  

This all leads the balloon company who has paid for their booth to feel as if 
they have a certain amount of exclusivity at the show.  Most show producers 
feel the same way; ie, if you pay for the booth, you get the rights to 
display your wares without intrusion from those who don't pay.  This seems a 
bit strong, as it should be.  But they will many times split a booth if 
requested.  We just finished a large show this last weekend in which the 
producer is so protective of his participants exclusive rights at his show, 
that he runs off people passing out brochures outside the entry doors. 

We also do decor for other show participants, and they are free to give us 
the recognitiion for the work, as we are already an exhibitor.  The same 
recognition can be given for work done by a non-participant.  But to give 
recognition to a non-participant that "just happens to be in booth _____"
is really infringing upon my rights as an exhibitor at the show.  

We have always enjoyed having our competition as equal show participants, 
because the bride and groom, etc., are able to compare each company at one 
time in one place.  This helps take away the old situation of "oh, they do 
the  exact same work that you do," argument, because everyone is there face 
to face. It also allows for the customers to evaluate your attitudes and 
personalities in one place at one time.  

We like this, as it seems to level the playing field.  

It does make it more difficult for some people, but at the same time it 
usually gets people moving on honing all their skills, both decor and 

Always remember,  if you happen to be the participant who is willing and able 
to step up for a booth, then you do deserve a certain amount of exclusive 
rights to show and market your wares.

I know I have rambled on a bit here, but there are always so many sides to 
these issues, and I haven't seen this one during some of the discussions.  

Hope all goes well for you and your bridal shows.

Wynn and Lindy Bell, CBA's
The Final Touch
Portland, Or
503 579 9499