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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 16:16:16 EST
Subject: Re: Conwin Air Products

Hello Balloon Friend-

   The air hose will fit right over the outlets of Air Force 3.  If you want 
a better fit, you can use a blow drier to soften the hose opening.  Once soft 
place it over the Air Force 3 outlet till it cools.  It will mold itself to 
the nozzle for a tighter fit.  As with all Conwin products, you can expect 
GREAT results!  
    I was just thinking about New Year's Eve today ... and I realized how 
much a role Conwin has played in my success.
    With the Air Force 3, we built the columns and filled drop bags. With the 
Precision Air we made dozens of centerpieces, all to perfection. With the 
extra hires for the day on a Digital Duplicator 2 , we wrapped frames and 
built champagne glasses...again, all sized to perfection. 
     I filled my foils and latex with a Conwin regulator... and we stuffed 
the exploders with a Conwin Insider stuffing tool, which was then detonated 
by a Conwin Pneumatic exploder system!  I really owe my profits and success 
to Conwin..... so here's a BIG thank you and if you want the profits ya' 
gotta come  !! 

 Joyce Stephens
Award Winning Balloon Artistry
Serving Central Pennsylvania