MagMover: Magnetic Ceiling Display System
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 16:40:37 EST
Subject: Re: Money bag idea

Hello Balloon Friend-
   We have done this in a most time consuming way...but had a GREAT effect on 
the people who hired us to do the drop.... We stuffed money, real money and 
play money.... one bill per 11 inch CLEAR balloon... We rolled them 
up...stuck them thru the neck, inflated them with air and had a money drop!! 
The salespeople then scurried all over the place popping the balloons and 
having a blast while grabbing the money... think children and piņata...same 
effect !! They LOVED it and we do it for them regularly now!! 
Good Luck !!

 Joyce Stephens
Award Winning Balloon Artistry
Serving Central Pennsylvania