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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 10:12:29 +1100
Subject: Re: Balloon Drop revelaing a sign
From: "DON DIXON" <>
To: Balloon Headquarters <>

>Has anyone ever done a balloon drop where a sign is revealled after the
>drop? Neep help with this one!
>Occasion Xpressions
>Toronto, Canada

G'Day from Downunder,
Called a "Banner Drop". I did 2 to help Dolly with Y2K parties. 
Bruce Walden CBA of Toronto, Canada is the expert and he covers the technique in one of
his fabulous videos. Much easier (and safer) to follow visual directions than written
instruction on this one. I know he reads this list and is bound to reply to you. As you
are both in Toronto, you may be able to call around and see him. I recommend it. He's an
excellent professional tutor and very few people throughout the world know more about
balloon drop techniques.

Don & Dolly Dixon  CBAs
Business of Balloons Pty Ltd