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Subject: RE: Link-o-loons (tm)
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 14:45:38 +1100

Dear Teresa and Mitch,
Several things you need to be careful of when using a LINK-O-LOON(tm) arch
using quads.
Firstly, remember that adding quads to a 25 LOL arch is like adding a packet
of 100 five inch balloons as a weight, and asking the balloons to carry the
weight with no effect. Any additional weights will of course decrease flying
time, but in normal conditions, with quads, you should expect around 8
hours. This depends on:
Helium volume expands, and "seeps through" latex quicker the higher the
There is always a temptation to underinflate to save a penny or two, which
is unwise. 
To avoid "pearing" and protect the uniform shape of the balloon, the
balloons may be intentionally slightly underinflated. When using quads, best
to slightly overinflate, as the shape is somewhat hidden by the quads, and
the extra gas somewhat compensates for the extra weight.
The latter intend not to inflate to normal size, hence less gas volume. Best
not to use quads if using Pearl/Metallics.
Used without quads, we have experienced over 7 days float time. However,
whilst increasing normal float time remarkably, Hi-Float does add further
weight to the balloon, which now has to carry the Hi-float AND the quads,
still with the same gas volume (or lift capacity).
In situations where float time is very critical and you need to use quads:
(a) Trim off excess neck latex after the knot from the quads and LOL. The
Neck and Tail may be cut off right up to the knot ball if the knot is firm,
once you have finalised the design.
(b) Inflate quad arches as the last job before leaving the site.
(c) If ultra-critical, you can, as Mitch suggests, add "helium
safety-boosters" in the form of a single or cluster of larger helium-filled
balloons. A nice effect is to use a 3 footer and air-inflate LOL and "drape"
them like a swage. Don't forget to anchor the ends!

What also looks stunning at a wedding parade is a helium "dance-floor
canopy" made from white pearl and clear LOL over the stage or display booth.
This is quick and easy to make and treated with Hi-Float, will last several
days - honest! If you replace the standard LOL ring at the top of the canopy
with gold or yellow LOL, it looks like a wedding ring!

For further inflation hints, refer to the FAQ section at or visit the Chatroom at, and click on the Database

Hope this helps.



"LINK-O-LOON(tm) - faster and easier than anything before" -

> Hi Teresa:
> ..snip..
> 1) LOL's LOVE to be hi-floated (or rather S*U*P*E*R!) Hi Floated.
> 2)  There is a minimum width (of LOL's) to make a arch of helium
> to raise the weight of the quad 5inchers, found this out the hard way in
> January, 98 (yes, I was lucky enough to have them then!) when the arch
> wouldn't stay up IMMEDIATELY.  Answer?
> Can you say 3footer??
> or 18incher.. How about a connector of an 18inch (or 11inch regular)
> puffball, or cloud? connecting the 2 pieces.
> Mitch Bruntel
> Invitation MagicT
> Fanwood, NJ
> The only minor technicality was the slow 'death' of our archway.  About 1
> hour before the show we inflated a 15 foot Link-O-Loon archway with
> We used (4) 5 inch helium filled clusters to fill the space where the
> attach to one another.  We put it on the table, from end to end.  It
> great over the centerpieces we made!
> About 2 hours into the show, the archway started to lean forward?????
> We were in disbelief - then it toppled over!  We ended up putting it on
> the floor and proping it up with the chairs.  Ironically it was the same
> time that the wedding fashion show was starting.  The patrons thought
> that we took it down on purpose for the show.  WHEW!
> I have no idea why it died, has this happened to anyone else?  I think
> that from now on, it there is a way, we will find a way to give our
> archways some extra support.  :-)
> Thanks again to everyone.  :-)  Happy ballooning
> Teresa
> The Balloon Pantry
> Middletown, NY