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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 10:15:53 -0500
To: Margie Padgitt <>,
Subject: Re: Business advertising idea

I have another fun idea for local advertising.  I have made a door magnetic sign for
my delivery vehicle that says,   "TAKE A FREE BUSINESS CARD."  I have a stash of
magnetic business cards that I stick all over the truck.  People have followed me into
parking lots just to see my cards.  :-)  I usually have to restock once a week. I have
to say that my phone orders have increased since I started this idea!

The Balloon Pantry

Margie Padgitt wrote:

> > To everyone on the list:
> > Thought you might like to know about a great site for event businesses worldwide
> > to advertise on for free: its at  Any decorator
> > or retailer can advertise at no charge.  You might want to tell all of your
> > friends in the event business about it, too!
> Margie Padgitt
> Independence, Missouri, USA