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From: "Linda Henne" <>
To: <>, <>
Subject: RE: Bridal Show vendors
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:50:51 -0600

I'm a perfect example of the situation we have been discussing.
We are fairly new (3 years)and last year was still a struggle.
I couldn't afford to go to the best and largest show, they are
expensive.  Not only do you have the cost of your booth but often
there is cost in misc. items like flyers and pictures.  I did
manage to find a small show and it worked out great for us.
We have just finished the big one and this weekend is our smaller show.
I agree that your either in a show or not.  We pay for the right
to be the Slipping in the back door is not fair and I believe
I might mention it to the managers.  Many shows are very exact on this point
and could ban the business from further shows.
We don't begrudge anyone getting started and looking for that in because we
have all been there. Ethically, you have not paid for a booth so why should
you be allowed to advertise other than the
booth owner giving you credit for your setup.
I realize this sounds a little strong but we all struggled at sometime.  We
worked hard to be able to afford the wedding shows.
I don't think it would we worth ticking your competitors off.

Linda Henne
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