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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 00:52:39 EST
Subject: Confetti Canon Help

I just want to say a belated "thank you" to all those people who helped me 
with the confetti canon dilema I had before New Year's Eve.  I did manage to 
find confetti canons for my very good client who then put her people (who 
were supposed to order these canons for her months before but did not do it) 
onto it and they got her the canons from my source and I got left out in the 
cold.......- both financially and for saving this company's behind - a thank 
you instead of a +#*& you would have been nice!   Another great lesson 
learned!  However, I was really grateful for all the help I got from this 

Thanks again,
Francine Kades
The Balloon People
Scottsdale, Arizona