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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 10:44:15 -0800
From: Debra Johnson <>
To: Larry <>
Subject: stuff n puff

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Hi everyone
Could anyone tell me have you used the "stuff n puff" product from
Anagram?  For those who have not seen them they are made of microfoil
material, and when you inflate them (air)  it looks like a pillow.  The
cool thing about this "stuff n puff" is that before you blow them up you
can fill it with a surprise.  I am selling this idea to my area jewelry
stores for Valentines, image getting this puffed up pillow which I will
attach a  (master) bow and instructions on how to open.  They come in
three different sizes to hold various items and many colors.  It comes
from Anagram international, Inc.
My questions are as follows:
Does any one know where I can purchase more of these? My distributor has
sold out.
Do they come in different shapes?
Does anyone have a catalogue with this "stuff n puff" product?
Does anyone have a number for Anagram International, Inc?
I am also looking for some cute names to sell this item.  Again it looks
like a pillow.
Thanks a million
Sending Sunshine Your Way..
Debbie from northern Wisconsin
Sunshine Headquarters
home of Sunshine Balloons and Suzy Sunshine Clown.