BHQ sponsor directory
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 14:51:16 -0500 (EST)
From: Sheena Beaverson <>
Subject: archives, Furs-A-Flyin, IBAC, etc

Hello everyone,

Here are a few answers/ insights to recent deco discussions.

1) Archives
Balloon HQ e-mail list discussions for the decorator's list and
twister's list are all archived at the main web page at  Additionally, BHQ workers distill helpful
information posted to the list in the Guide to Balloons and Ballooning,
also available at the main web page.  When people refer to 'the archives'
they usually mean the actual list archives, but sometimes are really
refering to the Guide.  Luckily BHQ also has a superior search engine.
Searching BHQ for Walden, I quickly discovered Burce's e-mail is

2) Furs-A-Flyin by AGA Balloons
The Highlights page of Balloon HQ has information about Balloon Buddies
which are also brought to you by AGA Balloons.  That page has contact
information for AGA (1-800-528-2902 phone).

3) Thanks to Emily for providing me with contact information for a 
   Japanese balloon information sight.  Blindly following the links led
   me to some really neat pictures of balloon deco.  If I can get around 
   the language barrier, I will try to get permission to show some of
   the images on the BHQ front page next month.  Japanese balloon 
   informatin can be found at:

4) IBAC Contact information:
   William L. Pogue requested contact information for IBAC, which
   can be found at the Balloon HQ Sponsor page.  The IBAC pages 
   have been re-designed and now feature a really nice photo
   gallyer of contest winners.  It's really worth a look!
   BHQ Sponsor page is found at

Sheena K. Beaverson
Balloon HQ, LLC