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From: "Doreen Camilleri" <>
To: <>
Subject: When a customer is insistant on a something
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 12:33:57 -0500

Hi Everyone!

This had to do with a balloon drop and whether this method will work or not
(customers idea to use to bed sheets and then i thought of the balloon
netting for a drop)   Ive done balloon drops before but this is a first and
this is what the customer wants.

Picture this:
A single piece of a Balloon drop netting hung at a balcony, then a sign is
attatched.  The bottom piece is brought up (will look like a diaper) then
the sides will have a weaved stitch through (so its easy to pull ).
Then the balloons are added (so it covers the sign).
At time of event weaved strings are pulled from either side (2 people on
ground at either end and hopefully the net will fall forward and balloons
will fall down to reveal what sign says.
Will this work??  either using a bed sheet or netting?

Thanks for all your answers to this
Occasion Xpressions