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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 21:48:37 -0500
Subject: To steal or not to steal

    If you even questioning the ideal about submitting a bid, then you
have already have your answer. No way !  I have fellow balloon artist
work with me in exchange for the learning experience, I would be very
upset if I seen one of my volunteers or crew talking with my client or
hall management ( My crew knows they are not to talk with clients, if
there is a questions they send them to me or my assistant ) If I seen a 
volunteer talking with my client of hall management, I would not trust
them. Therefore they would never work ( learning or being paid ) for me.
Now if they put in a bid against me using the connection they got at my
job site. They  would have a nightmares for life. Not a good thing.  Once
you stab someone in the back, the scar will always be there !
    There is enough work out there for everyone. Sounds like you are a
very talented artist with a bright future. Just hold on.  A better job is
in your future, promise. 

Nancy Allen C.B.A. ?
Lacey Classic Decor
Michigan, USA

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