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From: "Theresa Jordan" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: balloondeco-d Digest V00 #15 - Flowers Inc. Question
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 11:46:06 -0500

Hi Danny;

I apologize if my post upset you.  You sound very offended and I certainly
didn't intend that.

You are correct on several points, and there are facts I guess I should have
included to make my post clearer.  While I do have a credit card, my limit
is well below the amount of my order.  At the time I placed the order, I
did not have a business Visa "checking" card, although I do now; and you
bring up a good point as far as putting it on the card.

As far as sending a check and waiting for it to clear, that would be fine
time, but the order consisted of a large amount of Valentine's Day stock,
I really need to get ASAP.  Yes, I realize that Flowers is a pretty big
name, and
yes, I am familiar with Maxine's accomplishments.  Yes, I am also new in the
business as far as having a retail balloon / gift shop, and have not done
with Flowers before now.  I chose them over the others that I've researched
because of their large selection, close geographical area, and the fact that
it made
sense to get the bulk of my start-up stock from the same company.

Up until recently, I owned a different type of retail store (a pet shop) and
have never had a problem placing large orders via COD or sending payment
after I received the product.  I am used to doing that, and  I guess I
expected my
past experience with the pet industry to be the same in the balloon

>I don't know you at all, but I find your post disconcerting.  Something
>doesn't sound right.  You try very hard to command respect as a savvy
>business person yet you sound inexperienced and on the offensive.

In this particular -field- of business, yes, I am inexperienced.  That's why
I'm asking
questions.  :)

As far as being
on the offensive, I did state that I understand why they would want
on a large order, especially from a new account.  I don't believe that
else thought I was taking the "offensive", but if so, I apologize.  My
were mostly derived from the supposition that they couldn't give me a
figure on shipping, although after speaking with Maxine this morning I now
the reason for this.  Granted, it was a minor thorn, but one which piqued my
curiousity and for which I simply asked opinions.

>Perhaps you should ease
>your way into this, establish yourself with the vendor before telling them
>how to run their business or ship their product.

I wasn't aware that I was telling them "how to run their business or how to
ship their product"....... I was only relating my experience thus far and
if anyone had a similar experience.  Is that not what this list is for, to
information and experiences so that others may learn from them?

Theresa Jordan
Balloon 'N Stuff