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Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 13:02:14 -0800 (PST)
From: Chris Hayes <>
Subject: Balloon Jams - You ask, "what do you do there?"
To: rohanp <>,

Hello Debbie!

Jamming is just a bunch of balloon artists, clowns and
those interested in balloons get together and
"entertain" and show each other new creations,
innovations, twists, etc.  Basically an exchange of
ideas.  Typically jams are at someone's house or at a
restaurant.  Mind you when at a restaurant, you will
be spending money on food a/o a drink.  Whenever we're
at jams in public places, it is not necessary to give
the balloons to the passers by or customers, but we do
because they come up and ask who we are, what we're
doing and then we just give them something off the
table or floor or something new.  When in public, it's
great PR for you and everyone and the industry as a
whole.  BUT DON'T start wandering around the placing
handing them out to other because that's not what
you're there for.

It's pretty much a creation sharing network party. 
OK, I made that term up but it describes basically
what you're doing.

Just put up a post for your area or wherever you'll be
and usually you'll get a response.

BTW, NO ONE showed up at the El Paso airport and so I
did NO balloons in the terminal.

However!!!  The plane was maybe 50% full on the way to
San Diego and so I made the following:

for a kid:  Charzard--it's a Pokemon

flight attendant 1:  a flight attendant playing a 
   violin--this one was like 6 balloons
flight attendant 2:  a Bugs Bunny
flight attendant 3:  a character wiener dog
for them all:  a twister toy

The flight attendants were so "blown" away by the
creations--I tend to get detailed when I have
time--they paraded through the plane showing their
balloons to all the other passengers and the pilots. 
The pilots then asked me in the ternimal where their
balloons were--of course, I said, the flight
attendants never relayed the requests due to
turbulence in the cabin!  haha

"Let's get twisted."

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