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From: "Marc P Summers" <>
To: "Ballo Deco List" <>
Subject: IBAC 16 - Volunteers
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 20:55:32 -0000

     ***Sorry if you guys have receieved this already***
***I'm not sure what list i have and have not sent it to***

Hallo, For those who do not know me I'm Marc P Summers, CBA of The Balloon
Store In Maidstone UK.  This year is our first year at IBAC and we have
decided to follow up our competition efforts at EBS with another entry in
Las Vegas.  We have chosen an adventurous title and therefore I am writing
this E:Mail looking for volunteers to help with part of it.

You will need to adhere to the following:
1.  All volunteers and assistants must be registered Full-package
International Balloon Arts Convention delegates.
2.  All volunteers and assistants must be registered and stay at the
Headquarter Hotel (The Riviera) for a minimum four-night stay

If you are interested in helping me then you will be rewarded with lots of
food and drink during the building period and lot's of thanks at the end.
(Also 'IF' the piece comes anywhere in the competition you can obviously
say - "I helped with that!")

If you wish to help please E:Mail me, if you cannot help but are going to
IBAC please do come and say hallo.

Best Regards

Marc P Summers, CBA

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