Pioneer Balloon Company
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 16:43:06 EST
Subject: Re: "Stealing" Competitor's Customers

I agree wholeheartedly with all the posts about bidding on a job when you 
know who the balloon decorator is, but I have another ethical question to 
pose.  Here's a "for instance"  
You get your new car at a dealership that uses balloon decor, though you 
don't know ( or care ) who does it.  In  addition to perhaps wanting to add a 
new account, you feel that the decor is poorly done, and that if they are 
already spending $$$ on balloons they could get more value for what ever they 
are paying.  You don't know what they pay at this point.  They haven't asked 
you to bid on decorating their showroom, but you are there all the time when 
you have your car serviced.
Is it ethical under these circumstances to say "I think I could do a better 
job on your showroom"? 
Just another point to ponder.
Debby Levi CBA
Inflated Creations
Paramus, NJ