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Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 21:57:33 -0500
From: Distinctive Occasions <>
Subject: Expanding our horizons

Hi All, 
I am hoping that someone (or more) can help me figure something out.  
I do balloon decor and offer many options for my customers as well as am
open to creating new things when they have ideas for things that I haven't
done.  What I find happening lately, however, is corporate clients are
asking for bigger items and I am looking for things out of my area of
expertise.  For instance, foamboard items that are professionally done.
Often  I'll have an idea for something new that would be a great accent to
what I already have sold and I don't mention it because it would need to be
professionally lettered or maybe it needs some art work that I can't
provide.  Some of it would be theme items but some of it is simply lettering.
For instance, we are doing a trade show and I know that the gal that hired
us would be open to our advertising to the indivdual booth vendors.  The
overall theme is Hollywood.  Each booth has been assigned a different movie
to decorate their booth around.  I had an idea to take  offer some simple
decor for those that don't want to spend a lot that would include balloon
clusters or simple arches or topiaries and gold foil tag board stars that
have the name of their movie on it and a few smaller stars with the leading
actors on it (to tie everything together cheaply).  The lettering that I
can offer is not bad but it is not professional enough to work in these
circumstances.  I would need a professional job.  I have no idea where to
get something like this done.
Second, I would like the option of a 8' tall oscar statue in foamboard or a
jumbo movie ticket. etc.  I have one vendor that called and the theme for
his booth is 2001 Space Oddesy.  He is willing to spend quite a bit on
decor and we'll be doing some nice balloon work for him but it would be
great to be able to have a foamboard version of the space station in the
movie as well.  Does anyone know where something like this is done?  I
don't know where to look for sources even.
Can anyone help??????  I'd be ever so grateful!!!!!
Wanda Urie, CBA
Distinctive Occasions
Portland, Michigan, USA