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From: "Dave Weiss & Mike Cavataio" <>
Subject: Re:Mister Rogers
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 23:16:09 EST

Being from Pittsburgh & living not far from Mr. Rogers studio I'm always 
happy when people outside of Pgh. catch his show.  I missed the one with the 
twister, but my father saw it & it looked to him like an older episode (no 
gray hair).  I'll contact WQED tomorrow & see if they have a name for us.

Fun & Laughter
Dave Weiss
Airheads Balloon Art
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Turtle Creek (Pittsburgh), PA, USA

"Anyone know who the twister was on Mr. Rogers show?  It aired in Houston
last Friday morning.  Just wanted to say how good he was!  Excellent job!I
don't do the twisting an like others, really enjoy watching the creativity.
Sandy Oliger CBA
Balloon Effects , Inc."

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