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From: "Barrucci Sr., Donald" <>
Subject: RE: IBAC 16 - Volunteers
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 08:43:40 -0500

Unconfirmed sources report that there are 27 Large Sculpture entries for
IBAC. This means there will be lots of competitors needing help. While it is
nice to request help or respond to such request I would suggest that some of
those wanting to work on something be there and see who needs help and what
seems interesting to work on. Those who want to commit early go ahead, but
be assured there will be lots of competitors needing help.

During our previous 12 IBACs we have seen many times that some competitors
seem to have lots and lots of help, while others struggle to complete their
project due to lack of help. The best experience and the best friends you'll
ever meet can be accomplished by helping on some of the sculptures.

Don Barrucci, CBA
Parties of Woburn
Woburn, MA