Pioneer Balloon Company - Makers of Qualatex balloons
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:48:54 EST
Subject: Need help with long lasting display

Hi Everyone!
I am working with a corporate client for a huge upcoming display and would 
like any input that you could offer.  The project requires a few thousand air 
filled latex balloons and will need to stay up for about a month's period.  I 
have done large sculptures before that have lasted a couple of weeks, but 
other than the use of balloon shine for preserving the "new" look, can anyone 
offer any suggestions to minimize the replacement of balloons.  I am familiar 
with the new duo's but the budget does not allow for them.  Any suggestions 
would be greatly appreciated!

Linda Viertel-C.B.A.
The Balloonery, Geneva, NY