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From: "Claire Maudsley, Claire Jayne" <Claire.Jayme@btinternet.com>
To: <balloondeco@balloonhq.com>
Subject: Re: "Stealing" Competitor's Customers
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:25:54 -0000

> I agree wholeheartedly with all the posts about bidding on a job when you
> know who the balloon decorator is, but I have another ethical question to
> pose.  Here's a "for instance"
> You get your new car at a dealership that uses balloon decor, though you
> don't know ( or care ) who does it.  In  addition to perhaps wanting to
add a
> new account, you feel that the decor is poorly done, and that if they are
> already spending $$$ on balloons they could get more value for what ever
> are paying.  You don't know what they pay at this point.  They haven't
> you to bid on decorating their showroom, but you are there all the time
> you have your car serviced.
> Is it ethical under these circumstances to say "I think I could do a
> job on your showroom"?

Is it "ethical" not to? By not bidding you're preventing the car dealership
getting the best deal........