Pioneer Balloon Company - Makers of Qualatex balloons
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 19:58:34 -0500
To: Margie Padgitt <>
Subject: Re: photos wanted

Inspireworks out of CA has a very big selection of excellent pictures.  (At a price)
I use them for their really nice brochures.  If you call,Lynn can send you a package
with sample brochures and also a mailing with all the pictures that they offer.  They
have a really nice 'cloud 9' for a wedding head table that has very popular for
'string of pearl archway' upsells to brides. It is worth the phone call.


Teresa Ferguson
The Balloon Pantry
Middletown, NY

Margie Padgitt wrote:

> Hello:
> I am looking for good photos of balloon arches and canopies to add to my
> books that are almost completed- "Balloon Arches" and Balloon Canopies"
> by Margie Padgitt,CBA.  I would like to use photos from several sources
> instead of using only my own photos.  Credit will be given to the
> designer and the photographer (if applicable) in the book.  If you are interested,
> please mail photos by February 12th, 2000 (the deadline) to:
> M. Padgitt & Associates
> 11416 E 20th Street
> Independence, MO 64052
> Thank you,
> Margie Padgitt
> M. Padgitt & Associates