The Balloon Council
From: "hmagnia" <>
To: "balloondeco" <>
Subject: Balloon question
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 00:47:33 -0800

Hi gang,

Jr here. I have been reading the posts (ethical) and I have a question. I
was in the mall a few months back and saw this lady with a bouquet of
balloons, they were awful. The balloons were all different sizes and some of
them looked like they were about to fall.

I wanted to tell the lady to go back and have the people do the balloons
again. I wanted to go and tell the people what a bad job they did and how
them doing a bad job reflects bad on the rest of us in the business. I
wasn't planning to tell the lady to go to my store or bad mouth the store
from where she got the balloons.

Should I have told the lady that the balloons didn't look right and that
maybe she should have gotten them redone. In the past I have told a discount
party shop that I saw several mylar balloons leave the store without a
proper weight.

Thanks for your time.

From, Jr

Armona, CA