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Subject: Why don't we all  collect tit bits from the local rags???
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 12:32:57 +1100

The "Times of London" reported .....................The doctor told Munns
 rest while the gas dissipated.

 Quoted from "The Orlando Weekly"

 GOD, something else to worry about !!!!! bill

This same story was published in an Australian Daily called The Herald Sun
in Melbourne 12-12-99.
They can be quoted as saying ..." A woman blew up like a balloon after
impaling herself on a helium gas cylinder ......"
This is scary. I don't want to even imagine the actual event and the pain

Does anybody know this lady? Did it really happen like the paper said?
Why would she 'inflate'? Was there any other side affects like dizzyness,
squeaky voice, uncontrolled floating?

Perhaps we could ALL be a little more diligent in relaying 'BALLOON
REPORTS' we find in the press then some of us may even be able to
contact our local newspapers with the more factually interpreted story.

While we're at it, a one line comment regarding where ever we spot the use
balloons in movies or TV shows or advertisements is usually an interesting
bit of chat.

"Sightings" like that mighty balloon drop in the movie, Memphis Belle or the
Steve Martin routine in Parenthood with the 260s are good ones to start off
The recent request for information about the Twister on the Mr Rogers Show
(I don't know this show myself it's not screened in Australia) is one that
might not ring any bells with most of us but has now got the potential
(because it sounds like it was an old show) of having an even more
interesting outcome. Who knows it might be revealed that Bill Clinton used
to moonlight as a Twister-Busker during his High School days ... don't smurk
anything is possible.
Australia once had a Prime Minister who seriously thought he was going to
make his
fortune managing a rock'n'roll bands.

I feel it would be of interest to many of us if we knew of the many places
where balloons make a decorative appearance in the public eye around the
world and inturn influence the attitudes of our customers.

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