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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:38:28 EST
Subject: Rhonda Azeka's lecture

I was surprised recently, to read about a lecture event by Rhonda Azeka that 
took place yesterday, in which the promo stated that she was the producer of 
IBAC's beach party last year.  For those of you who attended this lecture, I 
hope you learned alot, but I feel a need to enlighten a bit.  
       There is a vast difference between being the designer and being a 
staff menber walking around checking on decor progress, and covering 
technical aspects.  I applaude rhonda for a job well done with regard to this 
area.  Unfortunately, this is what the scope of her task at that party was, 
and not beyond that.  
      The designers of that party, and it was a magnificent one, were Ron 
Cohen and Allen Simmons from "Themes and Dreams" party decor.  They are 
located on Long Island, and if you have seen the current "Images" magazine, 
you will realize the size of the task, and how successfully they pulled it 
off.  I am aware of this information because i was the project leader of all 
non-round balloon decor.  This included building  a full scale volleyball net 
as well as a full size balloon woven beack towel for the buffet table.  I do 
hope Rhonda took the time to teach these techniques to you as well, though I 
doubt it since no time was spent working with me ijn the area of balloon 
weaving.  Again, with regard to supervising and product distribution,  Rhonda 
did her job well.  But do not mistake being a staff member for the producing 
company as  a role whereby this person designed or constructed the actual 
creations.  To those of you who may have been misled into believing her role 
was one of design or construction, I am sorry to be the one to have to 
enlighten you.  If you did learn from her lecture that's wonderful.  I only 
wish she was a part of the team that designed (Ron Cohen and Allen Simmons of 
"Themes and Dreams"  sat up for endless nights creating that party) or even 
constructed (I do not know the names of you, but you know who you are, and 
you know if it wasn't for you we would ALL look bad) so that she would have 
been able to teach you more.

Jimmy Leo - CLoud 9 Balloons
Long Island NY

if you attended the lecture, please e mail me, I am curious what she taught 
and if it involved anything with regard to balloon thatching or balloon 
weaving.  Thank you.  If interested in seeing the photo of the full scale 
interactive volleyball net, please e mail me.  I will be happy to send it to