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From: MelRain@aol.com
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:55:43 EST
Subject: Re: Games
To: applause2x@earthlink.net

We decorated for a game theme last year.  We named the event fun & games with 
Brad.  We bought the real games and used the game boards under the 
centerpieces, in some of them with larger pieces we used the real pieces in 
the centerpiece also.

For some of the other ones we had chocolate chess pieces made, took the 
twister spinner and had a miniature made of it etc.  For the DJ back drop we 
just made a marquee sign with Fun & Games with Brad on it.  The balloons were 
all multi rainbow colors.  Oh, and for party favors we have a store here 
called All Wound Up with keychains that are miniatures of various games.

Hope this helps.
Lindy's Balloon Co.
Phoenix, AZ USA