The Balloon Council
From: "Linda Henne" <>
To: <>
Subject: feel bad
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 11:36:57 -0600

I participated in a small wedding show this last weekend.  I try
to meet and check out all the other artists. There was a new to
the business decorator who has a shop approx. 40 miles from us
(we live in northern Wisconsin so that's nothing).  She had a nice booth and
I enjoyed our conversation.  She admired the lighted
columns and centerpieces I had brought and thought they would be to hard to
I assured her they were not that difficult and mentioned a few
sources where she could learn.
Towards the end of the show she sent one of her young helpers over to my
booth.  The girl had a camera and asked if she could take
pictures of my projects.  I told her I never let anyone photograph
my work.  She said, your kidding aren't you? I said no as nicely
as I could.
I feel it was inappropriate to even ask.  Everything I have ever read about
this subject makes it very clear never to allow others
to photograph your work. I felt bad refusing but I put allot of time and
creative energy into what I do and I'm not just going to give my ideas away.
Was I just being selfish and rude or did I make the right choice
in this instance. I felt like a low life refusing but maybe they
shouldn't have put me in that position.

Linda Henne
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